25th Anniversary


Alka & Vijay, they celebrated their 25th anniversary!

It was amazing, Alka – lady with zillion sparks and Vijay an artist, a painter himself, even after 25 years they are so much in love!

Together they navigate the flowery path, and not so sunny days, the gray and rainy streets of life, brightening each others’ lives with a smile or thoughtful note. After numerous attempts by friends to set them up on a blind date, Alka and Vijay met at a party hosted by a mutual friend. Their chemistry was instant and they spent the evening laughing and clinking glasses..and those laughters still fill up their house!

Alka and Vijay, thank you for being two of the most amazing people. Ever. You both are spirit and the most fun for each other and for all of us…and I’m thrilled to have been a part of your beautiful 25th wedding day. I appreciate your thoughtful care and consideration and there is lot more to celebrate in future for you both! Much Love and Hugs!


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