Japreena’s Concept Shoot

Japreena, the sweetest thing ever turned 16! We decided for a concept and editorial shoot! It was a complete blast! I absolutely loved each and every shot of Japreena!

We choose concepts based on Japreena’s fun spirit – Retro, Vintage, Fun, Organic, Grafitti, Colorful! The journey from conceptualizing to the final edit was a fairytale ride. We jotted down each detail, each color, hunting and shopping for specific accessories, collaborating the look – was such a fun ride. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing Japreena’s SWAG attitude and looks with retro look!

Her Infectious smiles and laughter is so vibrant!

Her innocent and cute looks are so adorable!

So absolutely fantastically adorable ..

So Vivacious, Out of the world, Awesome…

We found the state of art trees, in lieu of celebrating Art Month, the city painted these natural trees with Blue..


  jap and natalie-4-3



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