Lauren and Justin

He cried when she walked down the aisle toward him.  Soft numb loving tears swelled in his eyes and he wore a look of astonishment seeing his bride smile at him as she walked down towards him.

As their friends and family gathered around them, Lauren and Justin promised to stay true and hold hands as they age, memorizing the grooves and crevices on each finger. As husband and wife, they promised eternity and a day in their vows and sealed their commitment with a kiss.

The rest of the evening was spent popping, clinking, and cheering to what may have been the happiest couple in the world at that exact moment.  You deserve the best and I’m beyond thrilled to call you bride and groom!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much Love!

Lauren Justin-168   Lauren and Justin, Uff….gorgeous couple!  Their love filled the air around at Ritz Carlton Reynold’s Plantation at Atlanta.Lauren Justin-166 Their connection melted my heart!Lauren Justin-163Lauren Justin-12   The Wedding day began with preparation …Laurn had an amazing team to curl her hair, paint her nails, and do her makeup. But can we please have a moment for  THIS DRESS?! Lauren Justin-7Lauren Justin-11Lauren Justin-13Lauren Justin-37Lauren Justin-76Lauren Justin-84Lauren Justin-85Lauren Justin-117Lauren Justin-115Lauren Justin-71Lauren Justin-91Lauren Justin-87Lauren Justin-88Lauren Justin-85Lauren Justin-95Lauren Justin-132Lauren Justin-140Lauren Justin-139Lauren Justin-143Lauren Justin-142